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Becoming a super successful Integrated Practice.

Hello, I am here to introduce you to the next steps on your way to becoming a successful Vivos Integrated Practice. It’s my job to make this experience awesome. Let’s get started!

My team has worked hard to make sure you have access to the very best tools and software, which will help to make life easier for your whole team!

Over the next few weeks, as you are getting up to speed, I will be introducing you to a whole set of tools and software. Each of these resources will help ensure you are successful integrating The Vivos System throughout your practice.

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VivosAire: Software

VivosAire is online software you will use to manage treatment plans, submit an Rx, store appliance design files and complete patient records throughout their treatment.

Inside VivosAire you will also have the ability to manage your individual account information, order supplies, register for session training, access additional training and watch additional virtual courses in our online learning system at your convenience. You will also have access to resources that will help guide you as you start to see patients and upload their records.

Before you activate your VivosAire account, please be sure to download the document I’ve added. This will really help as you get started using the software. I’ve added a button so you can download the file here. Once you have reviewed the requirements, we can get your account set up.

Ok, let’s get your VivosAire account all set up.

Download + Review ThisOkay - Let's Set-Up Your Account Now

The Vivos Institute Training

Okay, you should have set-up your VivosAire account. Now we need to get you are your staff registered for your training by The Vivos InstituteTM.

The Vivos Institute provides an amazing online learning experience as well as special LIVE, hands-on learning in Denver. Trust me, you’re not going to miss any of the training opportunities. I recommend you complete sessions one through five online. I also highly recommend you find a way to get to Denver for the LIVE training.

So, let’s get you registered for the next session. Oh, remember, the sessions are designed to build upon each other—so make sure you attend them in order.

Ok, let's get you registered!

Registration is quick and easy. Once you complete the registration form, you will receive an email from The Vivos Institute staff. Watch for this email! It will have a link to the online class room where you will be attending.

VivosAire Software

Overview of Session Training

Session One:
Introduction to Adult Cases

In Session One, you and your staff are introduced to the fundamentals of craniofacial sleep medicine for adults. Your instructors have a wide variety of experience and advanced clinical knowledge. In this first session you will begin to understand how to identify medically compromised patients and you will be introduced to proper clinical protocols.

Session Two:
The How + Why

Session two provides a foundation in sleep medicine and the craniofacial origins of an obstructed airway. In this session, we explore the “why”.  We explore the connection between craniofacial developmental deficiencies and a compromised airway.

Session two introduces clinical procedures and protocols for pediatric cases. Finally, session two introduces you to adjusting and delivering appliances for patients of all ages.

Session Three:
Integrating The Vivos System Into Your Practice

Session three connects the dots. In this course, you will learn how to integrate The Vivos System into your practice. This course was developed by a team of top practice management consults and has been proven effective for hundreds of practices.

In this course you will learn how to ensure that each functional area inside your practice is successful.


Hey, don’t forget…

Each session is designed to build upon the last. To make sure you and your team have the best experience and outcome, we do require you take the courses in order.

Session Four:
Advanced Clinical Protocols

Session four is an advanced clinical course. This session provides an in-depth clinical understanding of what you will encounter as you treat patients. Instructors cover advanced topics including: advanced interpretation of cone beam computed tomography imaging (CBCT); clinical occlusion; an introduction to the benefits of myofunctional therapy; and finishing cases using orthodontic aligners and more.

Session Five:
Advanced Clinical Protocols II

Session five continues to build clinical aptitude and knowledge. In this advanced course instructors provide an overview of identifying and treating less common and often more complicated cases. In this course you will also have an introduction to other conditions your patients may be experiencing. Topics include: an intro to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD); the importance of sleep and sleep hygiene; an introduction to the role of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic intervention; and an introduction to working with your medical colleagues.

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Prerequisite Courses

The ICSM staff and the staff at Vivos have developed a number of interactive courses to help you prepare for session training. These courses are available online. Our online learning platform offers a number of courses you should take before session training. These courses will introduce important terms and a variety of things to know before you begin session training.

You will also find a variety of elective courses and additional resources such as documents and forms inside our learning management portal.

View CoursesBefore Session TrainingDownload This

Although we do assign courses to you in a specific order—you may take and retake these courses as many times as you want. If fact, I recommend it!

We’ve already assigned your Session One courses . Please ignore the Prexion and Trios courses if you do not use this equipment in your office.

The Fun Stuff!

Now the fun part! We have some fun things we want to share. It’s kinda like a house warming gift for your and your team. You never know exactly what we’ll send—but it will be fun! Water bottles. Maybe. T-shirts for your crew—for sure. All good things! Dr. Singh’s book—of course.

Now we need your help to gather up some information so we know what to send. Please complete the Staff Roster below:

Tell Us About Your Staff
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