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Recording your Patient Education Meeting!

Knowing your Video Platform

  • Recommended Platforms: Ring Central, Zoom or Microsoft Team Meetings (Free versions allows up to 40 min of recording time)
  • Get familiar with the Platform you are going to be utilizing.
  • Practice sharing your sound and screen
  • Test Record before going live
  • The Best way to present and view notes is with Dual Monitors (If you do not want to purchase a second monitor an alternative to this would be connecting your laptop to your Television screen with HDMI)
  • This HDMI cord is about $8 from amazon and can be used to connect your laptop to your television screen Amazon.com: Amazon Basics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable – 6 Feet: Home Audio & Theater
  • Use one Screen to share PEM slides while recording and the second screen have notes pulled up

TIP: Environment is Important!

  • Be sure to have an appealing background, free of clutter
  • Lighting: find which room has the best lighting, do this by testing your recordings before going live
  • Check your internet connection and if needed purchase internet boosters: Amazon.com : extender wifi amazon
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Contact your PA for help if needed!
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Managing RXs

Once the RX is submitted in Aire an email is sent for notification.

Up to 3 files will be included in the email from Vivos Aire.

    1. The RX
    2. For digital files, a link to STL files
    3. For hand drawn design, a link will also be provided

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Medicare Applications for Dentists

Vivos Billing Intelligence Service now offers a comprehensive program to help you become qualified to offer Medicare services in your dental practice!

Medicare Part B and DME

We have helped hundreds of dentists through the process. We are experienced in dealing directly with Medicare.

Let our experienced team be your voice in dealing with the Medicare processes and processors from start to finish.

Schedule a consult today!

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Hands-On Training

If you have not yet attended in person training and have completed your training online, we would like to invite you to join us in Denver for Live Session 1-3 where you can put into practice your online learning.

You are invited to bring a staff member with you.  Space is limited so Don’t Delay-Register TODAY!  We look forward to seeing you in Denver.

Here are some recent reviews of our hands-on Session One-Three training:

“Live sessions are VERY important. Can only learn so much with the online lecturing.” – Dr. C – St. Louis, Missouri

“Thank you for being so passionate about what you do. It makes me excited to be a part of the Vivos family.” – Emma – Sandy, Utah

“Definitely VIP! Need the in-person training to really “get it” and learn how to make it all come together & make sense. There is a lot of info to comprehend & the live interaction makes a HUGE difference. Recommendation to extend the online portal/classes for VIPs. Especially after coming back retaking 1-3 live. The ability to renew would be beneficial.” – Katherine – St. Louis, Missouri

“I feel like this live course really tied everything together. Everyone has been so helpful.” – Dr. D – Tampa, Florida

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A new exploration of the essential role of dentistry in the treatment of the underlying cause of sleep disordered breathing and mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

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