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VivosAire Provider Portal

VivosAire Provider Portal Continued

Do you know all of the tools and resources we offer in the Vivos Aire? Let’s take a look at 4 more helpful tabs you may not know that are available to you!

provider & practice forms

Vivos Provider & Practice Forms base tab is your go to place for quick and easy access to:

  • General Forms
  • Validated Sleep Forms
  • Patient Forms for Adults
  • Patient Forms for Children
  • Provider Forms
  • Appliance Delivery Forms
  • Patient Transfer Forms
  • Coloring Sheets

Vivos Collaboration and Information Support Request.

Vivos Integrated Providers who wish to request information or collaboration with their Clinical Advisor or Advocate regarding their patients may be requested here.


  • The patient is in Vivos Aire
  • The patient has a recent and completed Airway Intelligence Report
  • The treatment plan for the patient has been completed to the best of the treating Vivos Integrated Provider’s learnings up until this point.
clinical support request
integrated provider tools

Vivos Integrated Provider Tools

Interested in purchases additional provider tools? Check out the Vivos Purchase Catalog:

  • Vivos Demo Appliances
  • Vivos Aligner Articular System
  • 3D Printed Airway Before and After
  • Try-In Kits
  • VivosScore Sleep Test Subscriptions

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Integrated Provider Support

Watch Now!

Clinical Advisory Call – Dr. Jim Stevens

Balancing the CranioMandibular Complex Prior to DNA Therapy

Clinical Advisory Call from March 25, 2021 with Dr. Jim Stevens recording is now available for you on MyAbsorb!

Where to find: MyAbsorb Search Bar

Enter: Clinical Advisory Call

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Live Session 1-3 Practical Training in Denver, CO!

If you have not yet attended in person training and have completed your training online, we would like to invite you to join us in Denver for Live Session 1-3 where you can put into practice your online learning.

You are invited to bring a staff member with you.  Space is limited so Don’t Delay-Register TODAY!

We look forward to seeing you in Denver.

April LIVE Training is full — our next available date is May 13th-15th, 2021

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Advanced Clinical Training

Are you a provider who has done 10 or more cases?

If so and you have not yet attended Sessions 4 and 5

Sign up Now for Advanced and Interactive Clinical Training!

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A new exploration of the essential role of dentistry in the treatment of the underlying cause of sleep disordered breathing and mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

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