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Schedule Your Launch Day

You should be in the midst of completing your Friends and Family Day and working out all the kinks in your patient flow process. You should have your PEM dialed in which means you are ready to go live. Get Launch Day on your schedule and put those planning skills to use!  Depending on where you are with your Friends and Family Day, you may decide that you are going to launch this to your patients in 3 weeks or 1 week. Regardless of where you are right now,  getting this day scheduled is key. Now you have a target and a goal that you are working towards!

Medical Billing

Now that you have learned about Medical Billing you will need to decide is it for you. If it is for you and you want to add it to your practice, get familiar with the tools in MyAbsorb that we have for you.

DON’T FORGET: You have to sign your agreement before we can turn those resources on for you, so get that turned in! If you decided that you would like to explore the BIS doing this for your patients reach out to the help desk and get that consultation set up!

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Review the LMS

Spend about 30 minutes and review the LMS. Are you and your team familiar with all the tools available to you? Reminder: You must sign your Session Three agreement in order for us to turn on more tools for you. This includes non-branded marketing materials and medical billing!


We recommend that you watch the following 3 videos located in MyAbsorb:

• How to Screen Patients
• Medical Billing
• How to Market Your Practice

We highly recommend watching “How to Screen Patients during a team meeting!

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Practice Evaluation

You should have an upcoming call with your practice advisor to review where you are in the integration process, what is working for you, what challenges are you having, and together you can come up with a game plan that works for you, your team, and your patients. We also want to celebrate all your successes with you! We have not forgotten that this is personal and your office is unique. This is why we come alongside you!

Join Our Live Patient Education Meeting!

We are so excited that you’ve completed Session Three training! This live PEM is a great opportunity to see the PEM from start to finish and gain a better understanding of what this will look like for your patients. Please click the button below to register! We have several dates to choose from!

Register Here
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