Prepare for Session One

Session One is about to begin. Let’s make sure you are ready to maximize your learning experience and ensure you have the best chance to get the most of your virtual training experience.

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Activate your Vivos Aire account. 

Vivos Aire is a cloud-based software application you will use to manage your Vivos cases. It is also an essential tool for your training.
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Pre-Requisite Courses

Complete your Pre-requisite courses in the LMS

You are required to complete a short series of pre-requisite courses. These brief courses will provide basic terminology and required knowledge enabling you to fully immerse in session one training! 

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Session One: Prerequisites

Clinical Notes

This course will provide an overview of the clinical notes you will be required to take for each patient.

FDA Compliance for Integrated Practices

This course provides an overview of the regulatory requirements you will be required to know and understand.

Home Sleep Testing with Ares

An introduction to the Ares Home Sleep equipment.

Home Sleep Tests with NOX T3

An introduction to the NOX T3 Home Sleep equipment.

Home Sleep Tests with WatchPAT

An introduction to the WatchPAT Home Sleep equipment.

Introduction to Sleep and Airway

Introduction to Sleep and Airway

Prexion CBCT

An introduction to the Prexion CBCT equipment.

The Rx Form

An overview of the Rx forms.

Clinical Photography

Learn how to take great clinical photographs

Trios Training

Trios 3D Oral Scanner

Vivos Aire: Overview

How to use your Vivos Aire account

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Best Practices for Online Learning

Minimize Distractions

Interruptions happen. Set yourself up in a quiet space. Be sure to silence your phone, block off your calendar, and put a “Do not Disturb” message on, so you can stay focused.

Prioritize Your Time

The truth is multitasking isn’t that productive. Focus on making the best use out of your time by being truly present.

Get Involved

Plan to actively participate. Not just listen. Take notes. Ask questions during the live sessions. Be sure to participate in polls and activities to ensure you get have the best learning experience possible.