Session One Prequisites

Total Time: 2 hrs 53 minutes

  • Clinical Notes: SOAP Note Format (20 Minutes)
  • FDA Compliance for VIPs (20 Minutes)
  • Home Sleep Test ( 15 minutes)
  • ARES, NOX T-3,or WatchPAT (Please watch the one that applies to you)
  • Introduction to Sleep & Airway (30 minutes)
  • Prexion (10 minutes) Optional
  • RX Form (7 minutes)
  • Taking Clinical Photos (30 minutes)
  • Trios Training (2 hours) Optional
  • Vivos Cloud – Prescribe a Patient Into the Vivos Guide System (10 minutes)
  • Vivos Cloud- Training ( 20 minutes)

After Session 1 you will be given access to a recording of the Head and Neck Data Screening from session training. This is a great refresher after session training!

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Session Two

Total Time: 2 hrs 23 Minutes

  • Common Adjustments on Vivos DNA and mRNA Appliances (6 minutes)
  • Delivering a Child’s Appliance (45 minutes)
  • Delivering an Adult Appliance (60 minutes)
  • Financial Arrangements (15 minutes)
  • Patient Education Meeting (23 minutes)
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Session Three

Total Time: 2 hrs 15 minutes

  • How To Screen Patients (15 minutes)
  • Marketing Your Practice: Building Your Referral Network (20 minutes)
  • Medical Billing (1 hour and 40 minutes)

Sessions Four & Five

No additional prerequisites! Simply register and attend after you’ve completed training for sessions one through three.

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Elective Courses

  • Airway, Breathing, and Sleep: An American Dream Pneumopedics and Craniofacial Epigenetics
  • Construction Bites (40 minutes)
  • Clinical 101: Dentistry Basics (10 minutes)
  • Clinical 101: Teeth (15 minutes)
  • Craniofacial Sleep Medicine: A New Paradigm for OSA (60 minutes)
  • Diversity Training for Vivos (15 minutes)
  • Integrated Practices- Leaders Harassment Training for Vivos (20 minutes)
  • Integrated Practices-Employee Harassment Training for Vivos (20 minutes)
  • Human Resources: 8 Courses Available (10-15 minutes each)
  • Introduction to Pneumopedics
  • Kirk Huntsman Interview

As more courses and developed, they may be added to the Prerequisites.

Medical Billing is a prerequisite for Session Three, but will also be assigned if an office attends the Medical Billing live course.

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