During your training course you may have been creating your own personal to-do list.

Now that you are back in your office we wanted to provide you with five key steps that you should start to complete as you begin your practice integration of the Vivos system.


A new software, you say? VivosAire is great tool that will ensure you are capturing all the records that you need.

Helpful Tip: Practice the head and neck exam a few times with your team members! This will get you ready for your Friends & Family day!

Head and Neck Exam

Review the head and neck exam and practice doing the head and neck exam. Will you be adding the head and neck exam to your practice management software? Who will be responsible for doing the head and neck exam with the doctor?

Helpful Tip: Practice the head and neck exam a few times with your team members! This will get you ready for your Friends & Family day!

Taking Records

Practice taking records of your staff. Dedicate 1-2 hours to complete a couple of full sets of records. You may consider doing this as part of your staff meeting, or you may decide to extend a lunch hour in order to accommodate the time. These records should include, all photos, your CBCT scan and your head and neck exam. You will want to review that these records are the quality that you will need in order to receive an AI report and to help you diagnose appropriately.

Helpful Tip: Identify who your first patient will be! Will it be the you, your spouse, or a staff member?

Review Your Supply List

Review your clinical supply list and determine what do you have already have and what do you need. If you cannot buy it now, what will your solution be until you purchase your supplies?

Helpful Tip: Your dental supply vendor has almost all the items you may need to purchase! Make sure to reach out to them.


Review all the paperwork that has been introduced. Immediately work on integrating the sleep questionnaire into your current paperwork and discuss how you will communicate with your patients this new form. What will you say? How will introduce this to your patients?

Additional forms to review: Patient Intake forms, Photo Release, treatment consent forms, Epworth, Stopbang, Berlin, snoring severity scale and appliance care instructions.

Helpful Tip: Create a packet of all the forms you will need for both an adult patient and child patient.*

Heading Your Way!

Now that you have completed Session one, you will be receiving a box with materials to prepare you for Session two!

  • Kid’s Coloring Sheets & Stickers
  • Kid’s App Sheet
  • Kid’s Contract
  • Kid’s Guide to Caring for Appliance
  • Lanyards
  • Try-In Kits

Please be on the lookout for an email with tracking information for items headed your way!