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Our technology represents the first non-surgical, non-invasive, and cost-effective solution for the hundreds of millions of people globally who suffer from OSA. The Vivos System® is a proprietary therapeutic protocol of functional and oral appliance therapy that works to treat the root cause of OSA by non-surgically changing the hard and soft tissues that comprise the human airway. Since 2009, over 12,000 patients around the world have been treated using proprietary Vivos technology. Over 50 published articles & studies consistently show a greater than 50% drop in Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) scores for most patients.

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Dr. Dave Singh – BWC Orlando 2019

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Nitric Oxide Inhibits the Replication Cycle of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

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Vivos is working with Stanford University’s Division of Sleep Medicine on a multi-year IRB clinical trial. The purpose of this multi-year IRB study, Biomimetic Oral Appliance Therapy for the Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing, is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Vivos mRNA appliance as compared to the standard of care, CPAP for mild to moderate OSA.

The Stanford Sleep Medicine Center is the largest and oldest sleep center in the United States. Led by Dr. Clete Kuchida, MD, Ph.D., the Stanford Center for Human Sleep Research has garnered global recognition for sleep-related advancements in patient care, research, and education, and is a recognized leader in the ¬first sleep clinic and laboratory; since then, Stanford Sleep Medicine is recognized as one of the world’s largest and best-known sleep centers.

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Quote by Dr. Hansen (a Vivos Integrated Provider)

“Dentistry has a fantastic answer to the airway epidemic gripping the industrialized world. As dentists, we have long recognized the relationship between the mandible’s position and the patency of the airway. Historically we’ve made mandibular advancing devices (MADs) to help people “advance,” “reposition,” or “protrude” the lower jaw to keep their airway open at night when they are most susceptible to the airway closing off. These devices have been valuable, but they come with some drawbacks and don’t treat the root cause of the problem.

This root cause is a maxilla that is too small and a mandible that has to position itself back into the head to fit under that small maxilla, thus obstructing the airway. Because of this, most patients with airway constriction also have underlying TMJ problems. MAD appliances often need continual adjustments known as “titration” to further the mandible forward and/or create more vertical space. Eventually, those adjustments can no longer be done, and the effectiveness of the MAD appliance can erode. Further, that continual forward positioning at night and then backward positioning during the day puts considerable strain on TMJs that are already compromised and can be detrimental to the joints.

Vivos offers an appliance system and protocol that can potentially treat the underlying problem of the small maxilla while also including the mandibular advancing properties of the MADs. Our Revolutionary appliance technology, by incorporating our patented 3D axial springs and other design elements, evokes a specific and targeted epigenetic response that can remodel and enhance the bone and the airway. These biomimetic oral appliances allow for a treatment pathway that can potentially provide an endpoint where no further intervention is required. In addition, it creates the conditions necessary to greatly improve joint position and function.”

Vivos Integrated Practice (VIP) Program includes:

The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine

The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine provides advanced post-graduate education in the field of craniofacial sleep medicine for dentists and their staff. Vivos® Integrated Practices receive unlimited access to core curriculum and a variety of adjunct elective courses to pursue the required clinical expertise to integrate craniofacial sleep medicine into their practice.

Vivos® Airway Intelligence

Vivos® Airway Intelligence provides clinical analysis and advisory services in support of Vivos® Integrated Practices around the world. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, statistical and predictive analysis tools, and a proprietary diagnostic analysis, Airway Intelligence provides practitioners with valuable insights for treatment planning and delivery.

Here is the schedule for the Institute Virtual and Live Training!

schedule for the institute virtual and live training

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