About The Vivos Institute

At The Vivos Institute, you will learn the core curriculum of how to identify adult and pediatric patients who have sleep-disordered breathing and/ or craniofacial deficiencies. You will learn how to take records and treatment plan for them. This training includes tools and best practices on how to integrate Vivos into your practice. In addition to our core curriculum, we have advanced courses to help you advance your knowledge of dental sleep medicine and how to better treat your patients.

Overview of Session Training

Session One – Details Adult cases and how to take records/upload cases to the Vivos Cloud.

Session Two – This course is foundational. Session 2 covers the “WHY” and how patients end up with an Obstructive Airway. We do cover pediatric cases and introduce the guides, but we also include how to deliver appliances and how to adjust them.

Session Three – Dives into connecting those pieces while showing you how to make it operationally successful!

Session Four – Advanced Clinical Training. How to read CBCT scans, Occlusion training, intro to myofunctional therapy, intro to functional medicine, Airway focused Orthodontics.

Session Five – Advanced Clinical; Advanced Cases, intro to TMD, Sleep Medicine MD, Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic and other medical professionals.

How to Schedule with The Vivos Institute

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We are so excited that you’ve completed Session Three training! This live PEM is a great opportunity to see the PEM from start to finish and gain a better understanding of what this will look like for your patients. Please click the button below to register! We have several dates to choose from!

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