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What is the Vivos®
Integrated Practice Program?


The Vivos Integrated Practice program is a comprehensive clinical and business system designed to help you successfully integrate breathing wellness into your multidisciplinary practice.


We have developed the tools, resources and the support team you will need to confidently grow your practice by integrating breathing wellness.


The program enrollment fee is $50,000 USD. We offer financing programs for enrollment and can help you obtain financing for advanced imaging equipment if required.

What's included in the

Vivos® Integrated Practice?


The Breathing Wellness


As a member of the Vivos Integrated Network, you become enrolled in The Breathing Wellness Institute. The Institute provides access to the core curriculum for integrating a Breathing Wellness specialty into your practice.


Advanced post-graduate classes include clinical practicum, practice management, patient interactions, medical billing and a variety of advanced clinical courses enabling you to deliver the very best care for your patients.

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The Vivos®

Advisory Network

When you enroll in the Vivos Integrated Network, you become a part of a diverse team of doctors, dentists, clinicians and staff. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with the top minds to ensure you are able to deliver the best care.


Your Integrated Clinical Advisory team includes a practicing clinician, an Integrated Market Advisor who is there to help you increase the number of patients you treat and an Integrated Practice Advisor who will work with you and your staff on an ongoing basis to ensure efficient operations, billing and patient experience.

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Breathing Wellness

Marketing System

As a dentist, you have become accustomed to working with patients for oral healthcare. As you transition to a Breathing Wellness specialty, you will face new challenges when working with your patients.


The Vivos Patient Interactions Tool Kit is designed to give you the resources you will need to hone your patient interaction skills, to become a proficient airway centered doctor and to help ensure you communicate properly with your patients.

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We work with healthcare providers to develop clinical skills, therapeutic protocols and practice management best practices to ensure the best standard of care.


Becoming a Vivos Integrated Practice

When you become a Vivos Integrated Practice, your clinic transforms from dental practice to  Vivos Breathing Wellness Center®.


With the addition of a breathing wellness component, it will be necessary to implement fundamental changes in every aspect of your daily operations.


Vivos has created and assembled a world-class set of clinical tools and collateral resources to enable your total success. Where others have failed, you can now thrive.


The Vivos Integrated Practice Program is far more than mere clinical training. It is a comprehensive system that weaves together the latest technology with the practice management resources you need to succeed.


Vivos® Therapeutic

Help Desk

Vivos operates a professional therapeutic help desk to provide assistance for doctors and staff. The help desk is capable of helping with clinical operations, patient management, treatment planning and technology issues.


As an Integrated Practice, you become a part of a global team working to solve the complex challenges of Breathing Wellness.


You are never alone.

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Patient Experience

VivosAire™ Software

Vivos Aire Patient Management software is a proprietary application you will use to manage treatment planning, measure and document progress and manage prescriptions and patient instructions.


Vivos Aire is easy-to-implement and will help ensure proper treatment protocols to maximize operational efficiency and automate billing.

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Vivos® Cooperative

Advertising Program

Vivos has developed a comprehensive library of patient education and marketing resources to help you grow your Breathing Wellness practice by attracting new patients.


As an Integrated Practice you are able to participate in local, regional and national campaigns which are effective at bringing new patients through the door.


We perform a number of different types of campaigns to help you grow your practice.

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Vivos Therapeutics

Breathing Wellness Institute

The Breathing Wellness Institute offers advanced post-graduate courses to members of the Vivos Integrated Practice program as part of their enrollment fee.


The Institute is located in Denver Colorado and offers courses throughout the year. Course catalogs are updated on a regular basis. Today, the institute offers a core curriculum as well as a number of additional courses including theory, practicum and related specialties.


If you are interested in learning more about the Institute and current course information, we invite you to contact a member of our team.


Clinical Practicum


Clinical Practicum


Clinical Practices


Clinical Practicum

The adult clinical practicum provides an in-depth course on the treatment protocols for adults suffering from maxillary hypoplasia and mandibular retrusion.


Course Outline:


Patient Screening


Medical Imaging

Treatment Planning

Case Management

Oral Appliance Therapy

Multidisciplinary Approach


The advanced clinical practicum provides an advanced course in the m multidisciplinary treatment protocols expanding the comprehensive approach.


Course Outline:


Patient Screening

Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Medical Imaging

Advanced Treatment Planning

Advanced Case Management

Advanced Oral Appliance Therapy


Orthogonal Chiropractic

Myofunctional Therapy


The Institute offers a wide array of elective courses to help you and your staff improve clinical practices.




Laser Frenectomy

Myofunctional Therapy

Home Sleep Tests

VivosAire Workshop

Medical Billing Workshop

Orthodontics for Breathing Wellness

Advanced Clinical Case Review

Breathing Wellness Protocols

The pediatric clinical practicum provides an in-depth course on the treatment protocols for children who present with early warning signs of maxillary hypoplasia and mandibular retrusion.


Course Outline:


Patient Screening


Medical Imaging

Treatment Planning

Case Management

Oral Appliance Therapy

Multidisciplinary Approach

Breathing Wellness


The breathing wellness integration practicum provides an in-depth course on the integration of breathing wellness into an existing dental practice.


Course Outline:


Patient Screening

Patient Experience

Medical Imaging

Treatment Planning

Case Management

Medical Billing



Practice Management

The Institute also offers Integrated Practices with an advanced e-learning platform with over 100 interactive courses to help you and your staff improve operations, meet regulatory compliance standards, recruit, hire and retain staff.


Featured Courses


Employee Retention

Employee Training

Effective Marketing

Community Relationships

Event Management

The really important

Hard Question:

Good business decisions always begin with economics. You receive over $95,000 in value and the enrollment fee is substantially less. If it's not the value, then what is standing in the way?

At Vivos, we recognize the importance of making good business decisions. We also know the value of not making an investment that will provide the best opportunities for success. We have carefully balanced the value of the Integrated Practice program and the required investment to ensure that we can keep our commitments to you to ensure your success.

What about the economics?

How will Vivos provide support?

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