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When you become an Integrated Practice you are immersed in an inclusive ecosystem of resources and talent who are here to help ensure your success.




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Integrated Practice Advisor

As an integrated practice, you will be assigned to one of our sixteen integrated networks. Each network is led by a practicing clinician who has demonstrated the clinical acumen and leadership skills to lead a team of integrated practices.


You will work closely with your integrated clinical advisor. You will collaborate with your network on individual cases, work on special projects and learn from the best practices developed by the clinical advisory team at Vivos®.




You will also be assigned to work with an Integrated Market Advisor. Your market advisor is dedicated to helping you increase the number of new breathing wellness cases you close.


Your market advisor is empowered with programs and tools to help you grow your influence as a breathing wellness clinician.


Your market advisor will run special programs to promote your practice and help you increase the number of new patients you are able to help.


Your integrated practice advisor is a dedicated practice management consultant who has access to tools and resources to help you improve your business operations, increase case acceptance, successful bill to medical and dental insurance to maximize your payouts.


Your integrated practice advisor will work closely with your professional and administrative staff to ensure your success as a breathing wellness clinician.


Vivos® Integration Advisor

Vivos® Education Advisor

Vivos® Technology Advisor

The process of integrating breathing wellness into your practice is easy. We assign a dedicated integration advisor to help you every step-of-the-way.


Your integration advisor will work with the rest of the team to ensure you complete the entire integration process with little or no disruption to your existing practice.


Your Vivos® Education Advisor acts as intermediary and counselor during your continuing education at The Breathing Wellness Institute.


Your education advisor will help you get through the required core curriculum and will help you schedule your attendance to any elective courses you decide to attend.


Your education advisor will also work with your professional and administrative staff to help enroll them in the Breathing Wellness Institute.


Your Vivos® Technology Advisor is dedicated to ensuring that you are able to integrate the required technology stack to your practice.


You will need to have advanced diagnostic imaging, patient management software and other information technology systems to ensure your success.


Your technology advisor is your go-to for all things technical.


The really important

Hard Question:

Well now you have met the team. You are never alone in this mission. We are all in this together. So, with a team like this to back you up... What's your next excuse for not joining us in this critical mission?

You have a professional responsibility to deliver the best standard of care for your patients and the thousands of people in your community who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and related breathing disorders. You will never be able to unlearn what the clinical possibilities are.

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